The Nerf Hyper Series

Nerf Hyper tries to be both Airsoft and Nerf

For all of you epic players, or perspective players, which weapon systems fits you best? Is it Nerf or airsoft? This weekend I came across a possible in-between option produced by Nerf. On a tangent, I am not sponsored by Nerf. Hopefully, I will get an affiliate link from Amazon shortly to direct you to the gun in case you are interested. The particular gun I experienced was the Nerf Hyper Seige-50. The Hyper line includes a few different blasters, which I will not be discussed further at this point, maybe in a future post.

This newer gun system by Nerf is called Nerf Hyper. When compared to Nerf guns from about ten years ago, the Nerf Hyper is in another league. The Nerf guns ten years ago at about fifteen to twenty feet you would wonder if you were even hit. The Nerf Hyper guns leave no doubt. At close range, they can leave large welts on bare skin. I heard a few liken it to being hit with a paintball, for those that are familiar with what that feels like. I am personally surprised that it left a welt as the advertised fps of this particular gun was 110fps. In my experience from the game, I did not receive any welts.

To compare further the Hyper guns to the older elite and suction dart guns, let’s look at the speed of the dart during game-play. One of the clearest comparisons is the ability to see the dart and dodge out of the way. My experience though trying to dodge these during game-play was in a darker room making it harder to spot during flight. Most elite and suction darts at about twenty feet you can easily jump out of the way and avoid being hit. The hyper rounds are a completely different story. Usually the first time your aware of their presence is when you are hit, and you will feel it.

So, is the Nerf Hyper series the perfect go-to for those who play both airsoft and Nerf? First, the Nerf Hyper series does seem like it functions closer to an airsoft gun, but its rounds are much larger than airsoft’s 6 mm plastic pellets. The hyper rounds also cost much more than your standard airsoft pellets, which makes playing outside cost-prohibitive for most players. If you are hoping to use these guns inside, I feel like the possible 110 fps of some Nerf Hyper guns is just asking for broken glass. Another issue is the gameplay with traditional Nerf guns. Because of its higher ammo capacity and its higher fps, it does not work well playing with traditional dart blasters.

The last question, is the Nerf Hyper series the best option for all nerfers out there? The short answer is definitely no. For younger players, it hits way too hard and it has a high chance of damaging glass and other fragile objects. If you have a game with ages from around fifteen and above, these guns can be great fun. Just remove everything easily broken from the room. The last tip is for the enjoyment of everyone else in the game, I would suggest all having some gun from the Hyper series so that the game is not all one-sided. Well, this concludes this post. What are your thoughts about the Nerf Hyper series?

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