Zone Capture

Okay, so you have a battle planned, but you want a game option other than every person for themselves. If that is so, you should try out a zone capture game mode. Unlike king of the hill, you can skip finding a hill to fight one and just choose a certain area.

Zone capture is a heart-pounding fast passed battle. Darts are going to be flying fast and thick. So fast in fact, if the battle lasts long, the ammo is going to run low. Your team will experience a lot of action with this game mode. With this game mode, the fight is almost non-stop as you battle to keep the enemy out of the zone. As time runs out, the battle will intensify as both teams make one last desperate charge to control the zone.

If you’re scratching your head saying this sounds familiar, you are probably right. Many of the most popular first-person shooter video games including War Thunder, Call of Duty, War Face, Team Fortress, and other games have similar modes to zone capture. They often have two general variations with one central zone that both teams fight for, or, each team starts off with a zone they must defend while capturing the enemy’s zone. Tell us in the comments if you can think of any other video games with similar modes to zone capture and how they work.

Think through your battlefield layout for the most epic experience. Start your planning with the objective, the zone. The zone must provide some protection, but not too much. If the zone is impregnable, it will start with a race to see who is faster at running to get into the zone. As your battle grows and the zone is captured, your battle will devolve to trench warfare. As both teams need to be able to enter and exit fast, you will want to include some form of entrance. Depending on space, you may want to set up extra barriers/barricades that are balanced between all teams involved.

One of the last considerations before starting your epic game is the length of play. In my experience, in a gym-sized area with 10 players, 5 minutes is just about perfect. If the game lasts around 10 minutes, both teams together will probably have expended a few hundred darts.

As you know, only one team can come out crowned the winner, is that your team? Share your experiences below in the comments, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and check back here for more tips and tricks for both nerf and airsoft.

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