Which Airsoft Gun to Buy?

Man playing airsoft in woods with multicam on.

So do you love playing airsoft and losing because you are always wondering which airsoft gun you should buy? That changes today as I share my experience and current airsoft AEG (automatic electric gun) of choice.

Traps to Avoid:

When you go and purchase an airsoft gun, there are three common traps purchasers often fall into (or a combination of the following). The first trap to avoid is an unrealistic budget. If you are in the market for an AEG, you should expect to pay at least $200 US for the AEG with a battery. Most guns under that price range start cutting corners with the gearbox, build quality or features like the gun’s fps (feet per second).

The next trap to avoid is deciding on which airsoft gun to buy based solely on its looks. While looks are great, make sure your decision is informed and your required specifications are met. Even if you have the coolest gun on the field, you are still going to have a bad time if your gun doesn’t work properly.

The third and final common trap is laziness. How this plays out is someone is invited to their first airsoft match and quite naturally wants their own airsoft gun. They drive to a store and purchase the first one they see (or shop online). The vast majority of the airsoft guns in the market today a cheap and cheaply made or expensive and do not meet expectations. If you can, find someone who owns the particular one your looking at and get their thoughts first. 

The Myth, the Legend, the Gun:

So, are you asking/googling which airsoft gun should I buy or the best airsoft guns on the market… or something similar? Awesome! Read below for my recommendation based on lots of experience with this airsoft gun. 

Let’s get something straight. If you love having your gun break all the time or losing, you will most likely not like this gun. All joking aside, this gun has quite the bang for the buck (see what I did there???). Ok, ok, not only am I impressed with this AEG, I know a few other airsofters who sing the praises of this particular one. This AEG is the G&G Combat Machine Raider. Besides my recommendation, let’s now look at the pros and cons of this gun. 

The Pro’s:

  1. The stock hop-up unit. This may not seem particularly important, but I have seen a lot of frustration on the field due to a player having hop-up units that “self adjust” causing the gun to jam. None of the Combat Machine Raiders I have seen have this problem.
  2. The Raider’s price point. While I warn against purchasing solely on price, this gun packs a punch with great specs. Right now you can get it for around $200 US. If you look, you can sometimes find it with the battery and charger for a similar price.
  3. Metal and polymer construction. All metal AEG’s feel heavy fast in an airsoft battle, so, a quality polymer gun with select metal parts can be quite a game-changer, quite literally.
  4. High fps gives a great range and a big old punch of power (check your field’s fps regulations). It seems like I hit a player at around a football field away (though this is only a guess at the distance, and was probably on full auto).
  5. It’s durable. While I am not ruff with it, I have dropped the raider a few times, and it has handled outdoor gameplay quite well.

The Cons:

  1. The mock charging handle and forward assist don’t do anything. One of some AEG’s, the charging handle opens the hop-up door, the Raider does not.
  2. The battery compartment in the stock is hard to open. The clips are hard to open especially during a game. You must pinch to tabs to release the but plate that holds the battery in. 
  3. The fps is high. I know, this is also in the pro list. A lot of indoor airsoft field’s regulations require the fps to be lower than the Raider’s 370-400 fps.


  • AEG 
  • Battery type: Butterfly (8.4v or 9.6v)
  • Metal and polymer design
  • Metal parts (barrel assembly, gearbox, buffer tube, magazine, carrying handle, switch, and assembly pins)
  • Gun weight: 2800g or 6.17lbs
  • 370-400 fps with .2g pellets (have not chronograph this myself yet)

Conclusion, Which Airsoft Gun Should I Buy?

The Combat Machine Raider by G&G is quite a good purchase, and if it fits your needs, I would buy it. This gun will be a lot of fun and work well for most Airsofters playing at outdoor fields. If you play on indoor fields, this gun probably won’t work for you. Thanks for asking my opinion on which airsoft gun to buy, now, check out my other blog posts or visit my YouTube channel to learn more. Have a blast, see you around!




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