• How to 3d Print Nerf Dart Heads

    Ok, are you looking for a customization idea for your nerf loadout? If so, try out printing your own 3d printed nerf dart heads. So how do you 3d print your own dart heads? Glad you asked! The Processes Begins: You need a 3d file that can be converted into an stl file. Either you […]

  • Which Airsoft Gun to Buy?

    So do you love playing airsoft and losing because you are always wondering which airsoft gun you should buy? That changes today as I share my experience and current airsoft AEG (automatic electric gun) of choice. Traps to Avoid: When you go and purchase an airsoft gun, there are three common traps purchasers often fall […]

  • Building DIY Nerf Darts

    Do you enjoy Nerf/dart blaster battles? Step up your game with DIY Nerf Darts. Here is how to make DIY nerf darts and other information to make them work.  Why DIY Nerf Darts: Why… Why…. Why!!!! Well, the first reasons are that we can and it is fun. By making your darts, you can customize […]

  • Zone Capture

    Okay, so you have a battle planned, but you want a game option other than every person for themselves. If that is so, you should try out a zone capture game mode. Unlike king of the hill, you can skip finding a hill to fight one and just choose a certain area. Zone capture is […]

  • The Nerf Hyper Series

    For all of you epic players, or perspective players, which weapon systems fits you best? Is it Nerf or airsoft? This weekend I came across a possible in-between option produced by Nerf. On a tangent, I am not sponsored by Nerf. Hopefully, I will get an affiliate link from Amazon shortly to direct you to […]