Who We Are:

Black Wolf Division was started as a way to connect the Airsoft and Nerf community and share the passion. With over 20 years of experience with these hobbies, we are sharing our knowledge, DIY projects, and game play experiences to enrich the community.

The Name

Black Wolf Division’s name came from a wide array of sources. First, the wolf portion. As a child, I would have nightmares of wolves attacking me. With time, I learned more about wolves, and my fascination grew. Wolves as individuals are small, but with teamwork, a wolf pack accomplishes a lot, taking down inconceivable odds. When we apply this mentality to airsoft and nerf, along with our lives, we are often victorious.

Black Wolf was chosen over other colors of wolves for a few reasons. First, the color black happens to be one of my favorite colors. The color black is often used in tactical clothing as it denotes respect, authority, and force. In addition, black wolves are technically gray wolves. A black wolf is somewhat rare. The idea of scarcity can connect with being an elite group, or division.

The term division is a larger unit within an organization or military. A division has smaller portions within it. The dream is to build a community of airsoft and nerf fanatics composing many units and squads. As this community grows, the hope is to have organized events for units that become part of the Black Wolf Division.